Diligent Dazzling Divas

Are you part of a group of people who struggle to find an honest and properly trained maid , well Dazzling Divas have the right solution.

This is a new company and it provides clients with honest, screened and properly trained maids for domestic purposes. The service in cape town can be provided on a permanent basis or on a three day or purely casual basis. Staff are screened and criminally checked and managed and measured via our customer feedback which in turn allows staff to receive bonuses and promotion within our organisation.

With Dazzling you are assured of a maid that understands your needs as she can be trained to meet and exceed your expectations. When your maid is on leave or off sick you can be assured of a suitable replacement. Dazzling will train our staff with your current maid as a handover before sending her on leave to ensure that you have continuity.

Who should use our services:


Mark Grinnell
082 558 7857


Denys Francois
082 685 0155


Genevieve Grinnell
072 186 2145