Electronic Security

GRINNELL Electronics partners with top-quality suppliers and skilled technicians in Cape Town and Johannesburg to ensure that we provide a complete solution for your property.

Together, a needs analysis is conducted allowing the client to purchase a system that truly adds value, is upgradable, and perfectly fits the purpose for which it was designed.

We offer a turnkey solution, including:

  • Access Control Systems – We provide multiple Access Control functions from Biometric Access Control, Proximity Access Control, and Cloud Based Access Control systems. We also do booms and parking access control.
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems – We plan and design the best suitable solutions. From IP-based systems for perimeter defence to commercial and industrial property solutions.
  • Off-Site CCTV Monitoring Services – We provide off-site monitoring for clients who need that extra security may it be 24/7 or only after hours.
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Electric Fencing (including monitoring) – We supply ClearVu fencing as part of our fencing basket.
  • Intercom Systems – We install and supply intercom systems for all solutions and properties.
  • Alarm systems
  • Installation and Maintenance for Electronic services
  • Solar Systems – We are able to offer our clients the best Solar designs. What differentiates us from the competition is that we can offer the financial solution making it easier on the client’s pocket – meaning you don’t have to pay large amounts of capital to obtain the system, allowing you to allocate your capital where it matters. We offer 10-year finance options which allows our clients the security that the system pays for itself. We provide information on rebates from SARS, etc.

For all our services mentioned above we offer maintenance contracts to our clients. Leaving them with the security that the systems are looked after and well maintained. We have different service level agreements and the client can request certain response times depending on the security system and its urgency. These are maintenance contracts on systems that we have installed or systems that have been installed by other service providers.