We provide housekeeping services for hotels, and have developed a winning formula that enables us to provide these services on a per minute costing basis.

Conventional costings are charged on an hourly basis but by costing by the minute, GRINNELL has been successful in reducing the time it takes to clean and turndown a hotel room or suite. Therefore, we are able to reduce our clients’ costs considerably, as they now pay per minute and an agreed time per room is also adhered to, ensuring service delivery.

Extremely strict policies are in place to ensure that our team remains honest, and that there are no incidents of client theft – which in turn supports that the good name of the hotel is maintained. Staff are criminally checked, subjected to random polygraphs and are aware of our performance management policy that supports honest staff.

Staff undergo PR training as communication with guests is of paramount importance. Guests often interact with our staff as they are viewed as hotel staff; thus they need to be confident, able to communicate well, and portray a happy and positive spirit.

A combination of outstanding service at a competitive price that truly adds value is what differentiates GRINNELL in the marketplace.