Professional Concierge

This is not only new to the market, but also unique and has many benefits to our clients:

Staff are trained to perform a concierge function similar to those that you would find at a hotel.

A computer is placed at reception and a list of suppliers is loaded together with pricing of services such as florists, taxis, restaurants, etc. The concierge will now be in a position to contact the respective suppliers and book their services as required by the tenants/owners.

This makes the building more desirable to tenants, so it is easier to rent out and in turn makes the property appreciate in value – both the owner of the building and the tenants benefit.

Who Should Use This Service:

  • All Property Management Companies
  • Buildings that do not have their own building supervisor
  • Clients who require a receptionist with a difference
  • Properties that have a security guard at reception
  • Motels
  • Guesthouses
  • Large blocks of flats